Bluem with Us!

Bluem relies on the generosity of our community to support its mission to empower patients with access to life-saving colorectal cancer resources.

“Once I heard the phrase, “You have cancer,” the next few weeks became a whirlwind of doctors appointments, CT Scans, and blood draws. I had no idea where to turn to find people going through the same thing as me or resources to explain net steps. Bluem solves that problem for so many newly-diagnosed patients and makes the whole process a lot less scary.”

–Stefanie Rein (Survivor)

Our Mission

Bluem is built by patients for patients to spread the power of access to the community engagement network starting from the moment of diagnosis. We work with physicians, care teams, and institutions to streamline and democratize each individual patient’s ability to access connections to beneficial programs built to inspire, empower and enhance their experience. Bluem will help each individual connect from day one, build relationships and create a better everyday life while fighting the challenges of streamlined access. Bluem provides you, as a newly diagnosed patient, a simple solution! Bluem serves as a one stop gateway to the greater colorectal cancer community. We put the power of resources in your hands from the moment you are diagnosed.