Living Well

Having and navigating cancer can be complex. At Bluem we are here to support you and provide you access in one space to information on wellbeing resources for healing spirit, mind, and body. Bluem is here for you and all of your survivorship health needs.

A Message from Bluem’s Co-Founder,
Julie Brown


Cancer is a tough battle, so nourish your body with the right foods. Find the sites we visit over and over again.


Get your body moving with these exercise programs designed to bring you courage, help you find adventure, and support life-saving causes.

Mental Health

Colorectal cancer can take a toll on both your and your family’s mental health. We’ve gathered our favorite meditation and mindfulness resources to help you find some peace.

Sexual Health and Fertility

Sexual health is an important topic for many cancer patients and survivors, and unfortunately, it can often be overlooked by providers.

Ostomy Support

Learn more about ostomy products and services and connect with other “Ostomates” on our curated guide to ostomy support.

Survivorship Support

Fighting Cancer is just a part of the story, at Bluem we want to help you survive and thrive!